AACA Boosts Retention for Long-term Impact

retention statAACA is excited to announce the arrival of Liz Krumenacker, who has joined the team to focus on one of the services that makes AACA truly unique: graduate retention.

On a typical day, Liz calls or meets with supervisors in the companies where job training graduates have been placed in employment. She checks to make sure that graduates are settling into their job, and she helps them to understand the needs of their employers. Graduates can also go to her for advice on anything from what to say in an interview to how to take their next step up the career ladder. She also offers benefits counseling, housing support and child care support.

AACA offers this service for a minimum of two years. Why is it so important? Liz explains: “For a lot of our clients, staying in a job isn’t easy. Many have difficult living situations and work long hours; they still need our help and advice after they graduate from AACA. Most importantly, we make sure that there’s somebody looking out for them – someone they can turn to.”

Thanks to the work of the retention team, in Fiscal Year 2013, 70% of AACA students retained employment for at least two years after being placed in work.

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