AACA Tree of Knowledge – Annual Appeal 2012

Dear Friends,

Celebrating our 45th year, the Asian American Civic Association has helped thousands of immigrants and disadvantaged individuals achieve economic self-sufficiency through our comprehensive adult education, workforce development, and social service programs. Today, recent immigrants earn 32.7% less than natives and suffer an unemployment rate of 9.9%. At AACA clients like Alice and Lobsang become highly-trained and educated members of America’s skilled workforce.

In Fiscal Year 2012, our workforce development programs aggressively penetrated the job market with exceptionally high placement rates and 82 employer partnerships. We sent the highest number of ESL graduates to college through our Next Steps Transitional English Program compared to all other community based organizations funded by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

AACA’s Successful Outcomes in Fiscal Year 2012:

  • 6,212 Client Services Provided
  • 338% Increase in Client Wage pre-AACA vs. post-training
  • 90% Completion Rate for Education and Training Programs
  • 88% One-Year Job Retention Rate
  • 91% Job Placement Rate for the Partnership for Automotive Career Education Training Program
  • 89% Job Placement Rate for the Careers in Banking and Finance Training Program

AACA Annual Appeal 2012 Charts

Please become a part of our clients’ future by donating to AACA’s “Tree of Knowledge.”

Thank you,

AACA Annual Appeal 2012 Chau-ming Lee
Chau-ming Lee, Executive Director

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