AACA’s Community Forum on Neuroscience and Conflict Resolution

During this discussion on Nov. 17 at AACA's Headquarters, 
Lee-Or Karlinsky of Beyond Conflict, intoduced the Power Pose.
The Power Pose is a dominant stance, as shown in the picture,
 which is believed to help trigger your brain to enhance your overall confidence and mood for the day.
 He advised that people practice holding the power pose a few minutes
 each day or before stressful situations to feel confident and positive. 
AACA staff does the Power Pose with Tim Phillips and Lee-Or Karlinsky.

AACA held a November forum featuring Tim Phillips, Co-Founder and Chairman of Beyond Conflict, on Nov. 17. He spoke on his findings regarding relations between the study of neuroscience and social conflict resolution in troubled societies.  People listened eagerly to Phillip’s speaking on this matter at AACA’s headquarters on Tyler Street. Lee-Or Karlinsky, … Continue reading

AT&T meets Chinatown Boston

Pattie Jacobs, president of AT&T New England, with Mary Chin, President of AACA Board, and the staff of AACA and AT&T and Chinatown community leader, Hung Goon.

      Thank you everyone for attending this great AT&T meets Chinatown Boston event on Friday, Nov. 21. It was an amazing turnout. Many people came and no one sat down in our generous amount of chairs, because we were all too busy standing and chatting.   The event … Continue reading

Tesfaalem Tesfaye: From Odd Jobs to Hotel Engineer

Tesfaalem grew up in Ethiopia, where he had a variety of hands-on jobs from furniture making to working at a shoe factory. In 2011 he came to the US and immediately began looking for ways to put his hands to work. “I love taking things apart and finding out how … Continue reading

Youth Program News August 2013

Youth Council Teen Tutors graduation ceremony.

Serving as a leader on the Youth Council provides motivated youth with the opportunity to make a positive impact on their communities. Teen Tutors This school year marked another successful year for the Teen Tutors program. The ‘Teen Tutors’ program was created by Youth Council members in response to a … Continue reading

Employer Partner: People’s United Bank

People's United Bank Logo.

“The quality of candidates that AACA’s Careers in Banking and Finance program has produced has been top-notch. Their level of preparation, their appearance, the quality of their resumes and their commitment are all exactly what we’re looking for.” Martin Bellavoda, Financial Services Manager, People’s United Bank

Winslow – Buds & Blossoms Student


“When I became a new mom, I definitely stressed about finding good childcare.” said Christina, Winslow’s mom. “I was also hoping to find a way to introduce my child to a new language, but great care was the biggest concern.” “Winslow began at Buds & Blossoms when he was 4 … Continue reading

George Gonzalez – PACE Success!


As a machine and forklift operator, George was struggling to find work within his field and his living situation was difficult. He found out about the PACE program from an aunt who had worked in the mayor’s office and he decided to take the training. George responded well to the … Continue reading

Cosmus Modeste – BEEMS Graduate


Cosmus emigrated from his home in Trinidad because of lack of job opportunities there. He moved to the US to start a new business as a tailor and upholsterer in New York, where he had family already established. The failing economy forced him to close his doors in 2010. Finding … Continue reading