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AACA’s relationship with its employer partners is key to its success: it is their involvement that keeps AACA’s programs relevant, ensures that students are exposed to real world situations and given a great footing in a growing industry.

How Employer Partnerships Work

Employers are the first people we talk to when we’re putting together a program. We get precise feedback from employers in a selected high-growth industry about where the demand lies and what exactly they look for in prospective job candidates. We then design a curriculum around their advice, created to fulfill their staffing needs.

Employers aren’t only involved at the beginning stages either: they remain a key feature throughout the entire training process. Employer partners frequently offer their time to conduct mock interviews and workshops at AACA, allowing them to introduce themselves to the communities we serve and talk about the opportunities they offer.

For more information about employer partnerships with AACA, contact

Ivy Mah (English, Cantonese, Mandarin)
Employment Specialist
(617) 426-9492 ext. 209

Our Employer Partners

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