Asian American Civic Association Youth Council offers Free Tutoring Service

Teen Tutors teaching children

The Asian American Civic Association Youth Council kicked off its first-of-its-kind free tutoring service to children grades K-8 on March 18 at the AACA headquarters.

The new service is aimed at providing academic support to elementary school students as well as engaging the youth to community services and civic contribution.

According to Chau-ming Lee, AACA’s Executive Director, this unique service provides mutual benefits to both the youth and children.

“Through mentoring a young child, the youth will learn how to be responsible and show compassion towards others.  At the mean time, the children can learn from the big brother/sister who grew up in an immigrant family like theirs,” he said.

Twelve AACA Youth Council members have already committed to being teen tutors, and nine children are enrolled in the growing program.  Each child will be paired with a tutor who will continue to work with him or her on a weekly basis.

Chinatown resident Miaowen Wu enrolled her two sons in the program, nine-year-old Adam and seven-year-old Brian, right after she heard about it.

“We are immigrants and education is different in theU.S.fromChina.  I hope that my children can learn from the teen tutors who,” said Wu, who moved to theU.S.thirteen years ago. “Other than learning English and Math, they can also pick up some social skills.”

The group meets every Sunday at AACA headquarters.  For more information, please contact Alex Lucas, (617) 426-9492 x205.

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