Saloua Rguioui – Careers in Banking and Finance Program Success!

SalouaSaloua Rguioui arrived in the US from Morocco in 2010. Despite having a bachelor’s degree from Morocco in management and economics, she was unable to qualify for banking positions in the US and both she and her husband were forced to work in entry-level low growth jobs. Saloua was determined to improve their lives and advance her career and so enrolled in AACA’s Careers in Banking and Finance program.

Saloua had little work history and so, to bolster her employability, AACA’s career counselors encouraged her to pursue a cash handling position. She enrolled in another English program to strengthen her English skills.

Following graduation, Saloua landed a job as a teller at Leader Bank in Arlington. After almost a year there, she is doing well and is very happy in her job. She was accepted into UMass Boston this fall and has just started a bachelor’s degree in finance for which she has been able to transfer credits from her Moroccan degree.

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