Cosmus Modeste – BEEMS Graduate

CosmusCosmus emigrated from his home in Trinidad because of lack of job opportunities there. He moved to the US to start a new business as a tailor and upholsterer in New York, where he had family already established. The failing economy forced him to close his doors in 2010. Finding himself in his 50s and unemployed, he signed up for and completed the BEEMS program.

Cosmus completed a five week internship with the Lenox Hotel and upon completion was offered a permanent position.

Cosmus is active among the AACA alumni and has offered support to both current and past students in following through on their goals and staying dedicated to their studies and work. His calm demeanor, strong work ethic and natural leadership skills are respected and acknowledged by his supervisor at the Lenox Hotel and he is known to be a team player and something of an adviser to those he works with.

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