AACA’s Staffing Services

AACA's Staffing Services.

Professional Staffing Services for Greater Boston

It can be hard to find a dedicated, skilled and pre-screened labor pool. AACA provides just that, taking the hassle out of your staffing.

  • Our job program graduates have been trained specifically for their target industries.
  • We provide graduates with extensive post-training support, making sure both employee and employer are satisfied.
  • High retention rates for job placements mean that you’ll see less employee turnover.
  • Careful job program screening insures that applicants from AACA are professional, motivated and work-ready.

What Makes the AACA Workforce Different?

Job-seeking graduates from AACA come from a variety of backgrounds of education and work experiences, yet share the desire and commitment to improve their situation and the lifestyle of their family.

  • Many applicants are also fluent in one or more foreign languages
  • Applicants are pre-screened by our employment specialists
  • Onsite recruitment sessions and opportunities for employers
  • Ongoing single point of contact support for questions, concerns, or requests
  • AACA’s retention specialists work with any applicants you hire.

AACA employer partners receive preferential access to this high quality applicant pool.

AACA Job Program Candidates: Qualified and Driven

The goal of our job programs is always stable employment, which means that candidates must show that they are suitable for their chosen industry before they are signed up. Unlike many organizations, we carefully screen our job program candidates: they need a minimum level of English and math and they will also be screened for other factors that may affect their employability such as criminal records, clean driver’s licenses, or whether they have cash handling experience. We also take the time to interview job training candidates to make sure that they have what it takes to get through their training and thrive in their target industry. This means that those who are selected to join our programs are well qualified and driven to succeed.

AACA’s Training Philosophy

At the center of AACA’s programs is classroom instruction designed to impart or enhance skills that not only assist in a successful job search but result in job retention. The training that AACA provides is an inclusive learning experience, highly team-focused, highly participative and highly employer-expectation-driven.

Beyond the classroom, participants are encouraged to take advantage of additional workshops from career building and networking to understanding their investment opportunities. We are constantly updating trainings and are open to employer suggestions. If an employer seeks a particular, trainable skill we will attempt to incorporate that proficiency into future trainings.

We currently offer job training programs in the following industries:

  • Building Maintenance
  • Banking and Financial Services

Contact us to talk about your staffing needs, what you would like to see from candidates and ways you could use AACA’s services to achieve your staffing and CSR goals.

Cyndy Chapin
Director Employment Services
Tel: (617) 426-9492 ext. 215

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