AACA “Secure Our Future” Capital Campaign

In 2003, AACA raised $2.8 million to contribute to the construction of the Chinatown Community Education Center at 87 Tyler Street where AACA is currently headquartered. This initial investment has given AACA the right to acquire permanent ownership of its facility for $3 million. We are now seizing this critical opportunity to complete the ownership of our headquarters and to secure our future.

Our Board of Directors has made an enthusiastic commitment to launch the AACA “Secure Our Future” Campaign to raise $3 million. Ownership will eliminate our annual rental cost of $133,584. These savings will free up funds to expand our three current job training programs which have long waiting lists. We will also be able to begin the plans for four new exciting workforce initiatives.

“I applaud the Asian American Civic Association for providing high quality services for Boston’s vulnerable citizens and employers. AACA positively impacts the city’s economic development by giving people the skills to become employable and ultimately reinvest in our economy as successful and strong consumers.”

– Thomas M. Menino, Mayor of Boston

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