Haider Alhemayri – English Program Graduate

HaiderBorn in Baghdad, Iraq, Haider was living in a war zone. Haider’s brothers worked as translators for the U.S. Army, and were targeted by the local terrorists. Eventually they came to the U.S. as refugees with hopes for a better future. Haider has a Bachelor’s Degree in Microbiology from the University of Baghdad, but his degree was not accepted in the U.S. and he found that he could not get a job in his field. He was rejected by two biotechnology training programs because of his English. He had to find work at Au Bon Pain, but refused to give up on his future.

To improve his English, Haider enrolled in AACA’s Next STEP program in 2012. After graduating from Next STEP, Haider was accepted to Boston University’s BioScience Academy in September 2012 and achieved A-grades across the board. He graduated in April 2013 and got a job as Research Assistant to a Boston University professor in the Department of Environmental Health.

Haider was awarded the Richard & Susan Smith Family Foundation
College Achievement Award at AACA’s 2013 Gala.

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