Our clients often face obstacles that seem insurmountable, from language barriers and lack of training to unstable housing, past criminal records and multi-generational poverty. For its clients, AACA is a beacon of hope that enables them to succeed as learners, productive workers, participating citizens and community leaders.

Client Demographics

AACA serves approximately 3,500 clients every year across all of its programs and services. The vast majority live in the Greater Boston area and the rest in neighboring towns.

Client Map 2014.

Our clients come from all over the world, and right down the street.

AACA now serves clients from over 80 countries. 69.3% of our clients are Chinese, 4.2% are from other areas of Asia, 8.2% are African-American, and 4% are Latino.

Our clients are generally unemployed or under-employed and most are low-income; 80.4% of our clients have household incomes below $20,000.

We serve clients of all ages with the bulk of them falling between 25 and 64 years of age. The average age of our clients is 42. 47% are male and 53% are female.

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