Mr. Chen’s Story – Multi-Service-Center Client

Mr. Chen arrived in the US in 1974 from Hong Kong with no legal documents. He married a US citizen, putting his restaurant and their house in his wife’s name before receiving his permanent resident card in 1986.

In 2000, Mr. Chen was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and when his deteriorating condition became too much, his wife made him leave their house, which was still in her name. After several years of homelessness, moving from shelter to shelter, Mr. Chen came to AACA.

Our counselor helped Mr. Chen file for public housing, working through a minor criminal record issue from 1988. Mr. Chen was approved by the Boston Housing Authority and moved into an apartment where he pays $165 per month, including utilities. AACA is also helping him to apply for food stamps and to renew his permanent resident card.

This post is also available in: Chinese (Traditional)

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