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qweqwrewrtgeewqeqCleanup Chinatown Mission: Founded in 2013 in partnership with the Asian American Civic Association and other Chinatown organizations, the Cleanup Chinatown Committee is made up of citizens and community leaders from the Boston area deeply concerned about the unhealthy and dangerous environmental problem plaguing Boston’s Chinatown. The committee must fulfill its civic duty to take action in the face of regular and illegal disposal of trash on the streets of Chinatown. The ongoing trash and litter problem on the streets troubles those who live in, work around, or visit Chinatown. Together, the committee hopes to implement behavioral and systemic changes that will put a stop to illegal dumping and create healthier and safer streets for all as a result.


Cleanup Chinatown Committee Members

Amy Guen, Volunteer, AACA
Mary Chin, Vice President of Board, AACA
Frank O’Brien, Administrative Assistant, Public Works
Leo Boucher, Assistant Commissioner, Inspectional Services
Steve Tankle, Director, CEP/PWD Field Services, Public Works
Denny Ching, Mayor’s Neighborhood Liaison to Chinatown
John Meaney, Assistant Commissioner, Inspectional Service
James Chin, Sergeant, District A-1/A-15, Community Service Office, Boston police
Brian Coughlin, Recycling Coordinator, City of Boston
Daniel Prendergast, Principal Health Inspector, Inspectional Services
Margaret Reid, Director, Division of Healthy Homes and Community Supports, Boston Public Health Commission
Michael Brohel, Deputy Commissioner, Public Works
Michael Dennehy, Interim Commissioner, Public Works
William Moy, CNC, South Cove YMCA
Patricia Moy, Owner, China Pearl Restaurant
Rick Wong, Member, Wong Family Association
Jeff Hovis, Managing Principal, Product Genesis Company
Tony Franzone, General Manger, Double Tree Hilton Hotel
Courtney Ho, Director, Chinatown Main Street
Henry Chen, Real Estate Management, Boston
Sherry Dong, Director, Community Health Improvement Programs, Tufts Medical Center
Huiming Guo, Partner, Commonwealth Financial Group
Alan Chan, Chinatown Resident
Hilary Tsai, Former Deputy General Manager, Human Resources, Bayer-Healthcare Company, Beijing, China
Therese Hudson, Chief Nursing Officer, SVP Patient Care Services/Vice President, Patient Care Services, Tufts Medical Center
Min Wu, Assistant Executive Director, Chinese Economic Development Council
Rosemary Lam, Chinese Business Association
Benny Kuang, KLW Hospitality, Owner
Adam Cheong, Martial Arts Teacher
Chet Chan, CCBA Member

Contact: Special Projects Coordinator Tong Gao at for more information.

See coverage of Cleanup Chinatown meetings in the Sampan newspaper.

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