College Counseling

Free College Counseling in Boston

AACA works with American Student Assistance (ASA) to provide independent, unbiased college counseling to prospective students.

The counselor specializes in assisting foreign-born prospective college students in application processing, financial aid and career counseling. This guidance is particularly helpful to immigrants looking to pursue a college education, including adults who have earned credits in other countries but must negotiate the transfer of those credits with their new schools.


  • Assistance in getting ready for post-secondary education
  • Assistance with completing admission and financial aid applications
  • SAT and college application fee waivers
  • Information on colleges and universities, vocational/technical schools, financial aid and careers
  • Resources on education, financial aid and careers
  • Information about transferring degree credits earned abroad

Making an Appointment

AACA’s career counselor is available every Wednesday from 9AM – 12PM and from 1PM – 4PM at AACA in Downtown Boston.

For more information, please contact:

(617) 426-9492 ext.200

Other Locations

Career counseling services are also available at other locations in the Greater Boston area. For more information on these locations and their hours, please call (617) 536 0200.

This service is provided in collaboration with American Student Assistance (ASA) – a nonprofit organization based in Boston that helps students and families manage higher education debt.

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