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New Roots to Employment is an innovative ESOL program that blends distance learning, classroom instruction, and job search activities designed to meet the educational and employment needs of immigrants with college degrees and professional backgrounds from their native countries so that they can reclaim their careers. Please contact us at the following e-mail address for more information about future cycles. Contact New Roots at for more information or call 617-426-9492 ext. 250.

The program design involves six hours of classroom time every week. It is supplemented with weekly, required, self-paced distance learning time to focus on reading, writing and vocabulary skills. Research has shown that hybrid or blended learning increases student persistence.

Student Requirements:
-have high intermediate English ability in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and grammar
-have a college degree from another country
-be interested in returning to work in your profession
-be motivated and self-disciplined about learning
-be comfortable using a computer as one part of the course

1. What is the class structure and schedule?
There will be 20 weeks of instruction where you will be in class for 9 hours a week. You will then enter into the job search class where you will meet once a week until you find a job. Please email for the upcoming class schedule.

March 4-June 30: Job search and mock interview practice on Wednesday afternoons

2. What will we study in this class?

20 Weeks Instruction: You will study in the online course on a computer, weekly web meetings, and meetings at AACA for 9 hours a week. This focuses on applying for jobs, workplace English and US culture for a variety of jobs. ESL skills include pronunciation, conversation, vocabulary, and writing.

Job Search Class: You will be meeting weekly with the employment specialist to find a job in your field.

3. What are the technical requirements for the online portion of this class?
You must have access to a working PC with high speed internet. The software we will use in the online portion of this class does NOT work for a Mac, tablet or smart phone (iPhone or Android).

4. Do I need to pay to be a student in the New Roots program?
No. New Roots is offered free of charge to qualified students. This means you must be committed to getting a job in the same professional industry you worked in in your country or advancement in your current professional job as a goal of the course. AACA gets the money for New Roots from the English for New Bostonians organization and other private donors. The cost of each seat in the program is about $3,700. English for New Bostonians is paying AACA to succeed in placing students in jobs (or possibly college). Although the course is free, there will be a $50 REFUNDABLE deposit collected before you start the course. Students who complete the course and meet a program outcome will be offered a full refund.

5. What do you mean by “qualified students?”
To be a qualified student for New Roots, you must have a high level of English. The program is NOT for beginning or low level ESL students. Also, you should have a green card or work authorization. If you do not have one of these, you may not be able to meet our program goals. There may be some exceptions to this. For example, if you know of a particular company that would be willing to sponsor you for an employment visa if you have better English skills, please tell us about this immediately after the testing session. You need to have a Bachelor’s degree or higher plus work experience in your home country and some work experience in the United States, too. Additionally, you also need a PC computer and a fast Internet connection for the online portion.


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