Youth Center

Youth Council.
The Youth Center provides young people with opportunities to become engaged in community service and access to higher education and workforce opportunities to empower them to lead happy, healthy, and productive lives.


Youth Employment Center

The Youth Employment Center provides youth seeking employment one-on-one help with finding entry level employment opportunities, writing resumes, cover letters, and interview preparation.

Youth Council

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Download 2017 Brochure and the Application Form

The Youth Council is for any high school aged youth interested in community service. Youth Council Members plan, execute, evaluate, as well as participate in various community service initiatives throughout the year. They meet once a week to either plan or participate in community service projects. Projects change every year based on what issues the Youth Council Members decide to tackle that year. Members also develop essential leadership skills through their community service involvement.

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Youth Council has been involved in the following projects:

  • Me and My Mentor
    Youth teens are assigned one-on-one to younger kids (K-8) to help their academic needs. Through these relationships, both gain much. The teens develop empathy, listening, and problem-solving skills. The younger kids grow in positive ways through the opportunity to work with teens who bring to bear their strengths and maturity.  AACA Youth Players: Teens and younger kids come together to create and perform their own original plays. Additionally, as a self-contained theatre company, they design their own sets,  costumes and props for each play.
  • Clean Up Chinatown
    The goal of Clean Up Chinatown is to create long-lasting and sustainable changes to keep Chinatown clean. Youth Council members attend meetings and work with other Chinatown organizations and the City of Boston to discuss what can be done to make and keep Chinatown clean.
  • Sampan Youth Voices
    Youth Council members have the opportunity to write articles for publication in the Sampan Newspaper on any topic involving youth.
  • College Day
    In October the Youth Council hosted its third Annual College Fair featuring over 30 colleges and focused specifically on non-traditional students and their families. Youth Council members were responsible for recruiting and spreading the word, setting up, cleaning up, and making sure things went smoothly during the event.
  • Mini-Grant
    Youth Council members are given a budget that they will use to fund other youth-initiated service/learning projects throughout Massachusetts. Members work together to draft a request for proposals and their own scoring rubric, come up with proposal recruitment strategies, score proposals, and finally choose which projects to fund.

If you are interested in becoming a part of AACA’s Youth Council, please contact:

Tong Gao
Special Projects Coordinator/Development Associate
617-426-9492 ext. 205

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