Adult Education Center – English Classes in Boston MA

2011 AACA Fall Class

Adult ESL
The ESL program is a five level program for beginner to low intermediate learners of English as a second language to help them adjust to life in the United States, and to prepare them to continue to study English at a higher level.

Next Steps Transitional English Program
The Next Steps Transitional English Program (Next STEP) is a free four-level ESL program for intermediate learners of English in the Greater Boston area.  This program serves as a transition between basic ESL classes and higher education.  The program prepares students to enter college, job training programs, or to get a higher-level job.

Free Internet ESL
Is it difficult for you to come to class because of your schedule or transportation?  Are you waiting to be accepted to a class?  Do you want to study using a computer?  Do you have access to a computer with Internet?  Do like studying independently a lot of the time?  If yes, then try our courses on the Internet!

Workplace Education
AACA is currently providing educational courses for workers at Tufts Medical Center and South Cove Community Health Center.  Classes in English for Speakers of Other Languages are being given to employees of these two health care providers.  The staff participating are interested in learning and growing professionally.

The Chinatown Community Educational Partnership (CCEP) has more information about other education and training opportunities. To view the Chinatown Adult Education pathway, click CEP.