Workplace Education

2011 AACA Graduation

AACA provides English for Speakers of Other Languages courses at employers’ work sites to educate the current workforce. Through these educational opportunities, incumbent employees have the opportunity to excel in their current work assignments and acquire the skills necessary for further training in their fields of interest, thus strengthening their earning potential by being able to advance up the career ladder.

In recent years, AACA has provided workplace education at:

  • Tufts Medical Center for 6 years
  • South Cove Community Health Center in Quincy and Boston for 3 years.

Currently, AACA is providing ESOL classes for employees at China Pearl Restaurant in Chinatown. These classes will run for two years, until 2015. They are funded through a Learn At Work grant by the Commonwealth Corporation.

We are also interested in working with employers interested in providing classes to their employees, who may qualify for Workforce Training Fund grants. This is a dedicated trust fund to be used for the training of employees at all levels, created by employers’ payments into the Massachusetts Unemployment Insurance. All employers paying into this program qualify for these grants.

For Information, contact:
Gillian Burleson
Workplace Education Coordinator
617-426-9492 ext. 204