Workforce Development Center

Building Energy Efficient Maintenance Skills (BEEMS)
The BEEMS Program is a 22-week long program that trains participants for a career as a maintenance worker. It teaches the fundamentals of carpentry, plumbing, painting, electricity, appliance repair, and cleaning plus English, math, and basic computers. This course includes a new “green” curriculum on energy efficiency and weatherization. The course includes a five-week internship.

Partnership for Automotive Career Education (PACE)
The Partnership for Automotive Career education (PACE) is a job training program that prepares participants for a career as automotive technicians. Students learn the fundamentals of automotive maintenance, workplace safety, vocational English, math, basic computers, workplace communications, and job search skills. Students receive college credit from the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology.

Boston Adult Self-Sufficiency Project (BASS)
The Boston Adult Self-Sufficiency Project (BASS) offers computer training and resume workshops. In the computer workshop, students learn basic computer skills, including MS Word, searching for a job, and Internet skills. In the resume workshop, students will create a resume with teacher assistance in 5 weeks. Boston residents preferred.

Careers in Banking and Finance
Careers in Banking and Finance is a 13-week job training program designed for native English speakers and non-native English speakers who are interested jobs in the retail banking and financial services industry. Students will learn basic accounting, computer skills, customer service and sales skills, as well as job readiness. This program also includes Business English for non-native English speakers.

Employment Center
The Center will provide job readiness and job placement services to all interested individuals who need these services and are not able to participate in a long-term training program. Services include resume development, interview preparation, job search, and job placement.

Job Training Registration
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