Success Stories

Diego Lao

Diego Lao is a past graduate of the BEEMS program who, after working successfully almost two years as a Facilities Manager for commercial buildings in MetroWest, was recently hired by the Berkshire’s Jefferson at Admiral Hill property in Chelsea. Diego continues to hone his skills doing appliance repair, general maintenance, turnovers, electrical and plumbing work. He enjoys working with the staff and helping the community at the property.


 Mirela Konomi

   Mirela Konomi and her family arrived in the United States from Romania in December, 2011. She spoke little English and had difficulty finding a job.

   In July, 2012, Mirela enrolled in AACA’s First Steps Basic English program and started at Level 3. While taking care of her two daughters, she continued to study and advanced to the Next Steps Transitional English Program which begins at Level 6 and finishes at Level 10. Mirela graduated from the Level 10 class in December, 2014. She will enroll at Bunker Hill Community College in January, 2015. Her goal is to become a pharmacy technician.




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