Updates from B.E.E.M.S program

In November 2011, ten students graduated from the B.E.E.M.S. program and seven of these graduates have been successful in securing employment.

Daniel Rodriguez and Benjamin Desire were so motivated that they secured positions, as Weatherization Technicians with Green Beginnings, before they graduated.  Javier Torres is now the Lead Facility Technician at Dave & Busters in Braintree, MA.

Sabahudin Dervisevic performed so well during his internship with Shore East Plaza, that Weston Associates hired him as a facilities technicians splitting his time between two residential properties.

Stop by the Boston Public Library and you can meet Gregory Stewartson, who was hired to maintain all those wonderful bookshelves, reading rooms, and other common areas.  Skip over to the Liberty Hotel and say hello to Mourad El Anbi in the hotel’s engineering department.

Mayceo Branch has been accepted in to the Plumber’s Union and will also start working for Rebuild Boston as a construction worker on their latest project in the Grove Hall Area of Dorchester.

The remaining graduates, Vinh Troung, Mohamed Dalil, and Monique Barrows are hard at work completing their internships at the Harbor Point Apartments in Dorchester, MA.  They are attending job search class, interviews, and networking events.  With their excellent references, great training, drive and dedication I am positive that we will be reporting their employment very soon.

To learn more about our B.E.E.M.S. program and employer partners, click here.


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