Winslow – Buds & Blossoms Student

Winslow“When I became a new mom, I definitely stressed about finding good childcare.” said Christina, Winslow’s mom. “I was also hoping to find a way to introduce my child to a new language, but great care was the biggest concern.”

“Winslow began at Buds & Blossoms when he was 4 months old. The care there has been excellent. All the teachers have been very kind, caring, and engaged with the children. The Reggio Emilia approach means that the children are encouraged to play creatively and express themselves as individuals. My son demonstrated his Mandarin to me too: he would point to dogs and say “gǒu” and flowers and say “huā”. When he was around 18 months old, one of the teachers told me that he said “outside it is raining” in Mandarin. I was very excited to hear that he could express himself in Mandarin. I took a Mandarin course myself this past spring, but I’m a little envious of my son – I wish I had the chance to learn another language at such an early age too!”

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